Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Love The First Snowfall

When the alarm sounded this morning, I quickly dashed out of bed to see what would be awaiting myself and my three Cavalier's as we stepped outside for 'potty time'. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. There wasn't much snow. I'd expected more after listening to last nights news. After all, I'd seen days like this before, promising loads of snow that disappointingly turned out to be slush.

What a bummer. :(

Stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic illness with symptoms that flare when it's hot,  I welcome cold days (especially snowy ones).

After my usual Friday morning ritual of beautifying my mother, which consist of helping her dress into her temple clothes and curing her hair, the view from the bathroom window finally had some prospects and my spirits were rising.

I quickly showered and easily persuaded my always hungry husband to take me on a date to IHOP for breakfast. We dined over pumpkin pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns as the snow continued to fall, increasing in fluffiness.

Later in the afternoon as I picked my daughter up from a friends, I saw many elementary school kids sledding down the hills in Murray, running through the snow, and even having a snowball fight with two LDS Missionaries.

As I drove pass, I thought to myself how I wished to once again be young and enjoy the snow without a care in the world. But the reality of my age, health, and remembering that I am still recovering from my total abdominal hysterectomy (look for that post later on--with freaky pictures included) quickly brought me to reality.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent on a date with my son, Dylan, enjoying the new James Bond movie, Skyfall--it was freaking awesome!!  But on the way home from the movie, the snow seemed to be more slushy than anything.  Finally at home,  I ended the evening snuggled on my bed with my daughter, Aryana reminiscing as though she was still four-years-old as we watched 'Barbie--The Princess and the Pauper', while loudly singing along with all the memorized songs.

Way passed my bedtime, I opened the back door for the dogs to do their thing one last time, and saw the beautiful fluffy snow back--the continuation of at least 30 more hours of snow. I feel confident enough to say that Fred, Lila, and Bella all seemed to enjoy it as much as I do!

Yay for winter!

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