Thursday, February 2, 2012

A month of Elightenment and Encouragment


Okay, so not today. Not even tomorrow. But in twelve days. Yes twelve (12) days. Yep. You got it. A Valentines baby.  I will be twenty-eight. Haha. Nope. Try thirty-seven. Dang I still look good for thirty-seven. At least that's what my secret mirror tells me every morning. I know. Modest.

But actually, I do look better then I have in probably 11 years. My family joined Planet Fitness near our house. Good news: I've lost 25 pounds. Yay!  It's been great. Fa'a and I get up Monday-Friday at 4:45am and go before he gets ready for work. It hasn't been fun adjusting my sleep schedule, but I basically drop like a rock by 10pm.


Fa'a hasn't been so lucky. He took on a second job (but I think it's more like leisure activity). He's selling frozen yogurt--yes you heard me--frozen yogurt for Red Mango at the Jazz games. He loves it. But he gets home late and usually has to unwind with a Bingo game on Facebook or brousing through the Samoan Observer online. 

Kids are doing great--for an update on my family check out my other blog tomorrow--Erin The Most Happy

But time for some Enlightnment with some Encouragement.

If you've turned your TV in the last few months (Not Jersey Shores or something similar--lol) you've noticed the media channels have been inundated with politics--mostly GOP. Who's the most Conservative? Romneycare=Obamacare. The three wives of Newt. Herman Cains sexual harrassement. Ron Pauls Foreign Policy. Who's the best to beat Obama? And so forth...

How do you disect it all?

How are we supposed to know Truth or Fiction?

What of this information is relevant to the office of the Presidency?

So many questions. So many anwers.

Lets start here. This is how I feel. Right or wrong. This is how I feel.

and is this too much to ask?

But some of you out there reading this blog (again--probably just my mom) might look at those two pictures and say to yourself what's wrong with our country? I love BO (or Obummer, as I like to call him).

If you have to ask yourself that question, take a look at what your watching, listening to, and reading. Okay. I know I'm going to hear it.

Fox News. Blah. Fox News.

For your information, I actually watch a lot more then Fox News. Yes. 5am=Planet Fitness=CNN Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien.

Among other programs throughout the day...

But I don't need to watch just one channel to know what is really going on. I have eyes to see and ears to hear, also. Luckily I live in Utah where the economy for the most part is strong. However, most of the other states aren't as lucky as we are. Unemployment is at a record high. Housing is down the tubes.Occupy Wallstreet. Foreign unrest.  I'm not telling you something you don't already know (my readers are smart ;) ). 

And where does our President stand on all of this? Hope and Change 2008=Unemployment bad economy 2012 

Oh, he wants to help all the unemployed. Bring jobs back to the US. Stop the Keystone Pipeline that would bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs and reduce energy cost to every single American, and blame the GOP for it. And don't forget--make sure EVERYONE pays their fair share.

One question: what is everyone's FAIR SHARE?

Now I know I promised to be dilegent in writing. And I've failed. Water under the bridge. New day. New year. New chance. And the last blog post I made I talked about the wonderful Anne Bolyen. I promised to finish her story. And I will. Just not today. But to understand England in the 1500's is important to understanding what is going on in America 2012.

To my previous picture. What is the Constitution? Why do we really care? Isn't it just an old document by a bunch of old farts who lived in an entirely different world then we do now. The Constitution was for their time not ours.  Right?

Wrong? I have a testimony that the Constitution of the United States of Amercia is a sacred document divinely inspired to make and keep this country great. We have the amendment process for the necessary changes, which should be limited, not in excess. I believe that a document inspired by God doesn't need to be modified but only by a few simple things.   Obama is not following the principles  that this country was founded on. He makes too many Executive Orders. He's trying to build or Government to the max, taking away the rights of the people. Now he's stepped over line too far. He is getting involved in religion. Our very freedom of religion is being challenged. We can't stand by and let this happen.

I believe Mitt Romney is the only one that can save this country. Is he perfect? No. Was Noah, Adam, or Moses perfect? No. Only Jesus Christ has lived a perfect life. So let's stop beating each other up for the mistakes that we've made in the past and focus on the person with the best knowledge of the economy. A man with HIGH MORALS. A family man devoted to the same woman. Someone of faith. Who gives 10% tithe like even the Bible demands. Who takes care of the poor. Who is humble therefore uncomfortable speaking about his great wealth.

There's a lot to be picked through. Good and bad. But we need to remember only one who walked this earth was perfect. He created this world for us. Our country was divinly inspired. We need to step up and become the people worthy to live in this great Promised Land before it is ruined. We need a leader who can do this.

Mitt Romney can.

Here's a few links for some enlightnment. One of them is the transcripts from my conversation with Rush Limbaugh yesterday.

Tune in for more!  Have a great day!

My conversation with Rush Limbaugh regarding Mitt Romney:

Ann Coulter on Romneycare

And this one is about Newt Gingrich

Erin Apelu

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