Monday, April 9, 2012

Just DO IT!...?

Here I am.  The weather is nearly perfect, a comfortable 70 degrees this afternoon, the Weatherman reported while I cooked breakfast. I've slipped into my new red shorts, knee length--to hide some of the spider veins making their way up the back of my leg, pulled on my new blue Pepsi t-shirt from Target, and clipped the sides of my hair back. How do I look? I know, a little...busty.  Okay, A LOT busty--either cursed or blessed. You decide.  Lol.

Monday is Monday. Enough said. Surprisingly I woke-up rested and went to the gym. Onlookers working-out probably wonder how I use the ARC machine, read a book, and listen to the TV at the same time. They don't understand that, despite my frequent Multiple Sclerosis, mommy, old-age induced brain fog, my mind is still pretty good about filtering and honing in when an important news story comes on.

Now I find myself doing the usual this time of the morning: sitting on my laptop, watching my mother swim/walk back and forth at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital pool, while I decide my next move for the remaining 45 minutes I'm here. Do I catch up on the political/national/world news? Scan Facebook? Instant message with my sister on Yahoo? Work on my new manuscript? Or Blog?

If you asked my husband he'd say--WORK ON YOUR MANUSCRIPT.

But today  you've won out. Here I am blogging. Wows, actually blogging--or attempting it.

Sadly enough, I waste a lot of time dilly dallying around, never actually accomplishing anything. Why is it so hard to just DO SOMETHING?? Why is it so hard to even figure out how to write this blog post today? It's not like I don't have a ton of things to say, all the time, to everyone. But articulating it into a blog post, that possibly nobody but my mother will read, is not as easy as you'd think for a highly opinionated author. And at the end of the day, I crawl into bed and wonder--"Am I gigantic loser?" That is, if I'm awake long enough to ask myself that question.

Now that I've pretty much blabbed on about--well nothing, I'm curious how many of you find yourself in the same predicament I'm in for a good majority of my day?

Does anyone question that I'm ADD?? Because that answer is pretty clear to me--YES!

Sounds like I need a vacation. Oh wait, already did that a few weeks back, and had an awesome time in Las Vegas with the FamBam. 

This is me, posing at the fountains inside Cesar Palace shopping.

 Thanks for listening.  Or reading, I guess.

Erin Apelu

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