Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Day

Everyone's doing it--at least that's what I've been told. I guess it's time that I start doing it too.  Really, there's nothing I can do to escape. Denial isn't working anymore. Lack of motivation isn't a good enough excuse to avoid it. So there's only thing left to do.  I have to give into peer pressure and start...


It's not like this is the first time I've blogged. Last spring I actually started my own personal blog: Erin--The Most Happy.  I spent half a day trying to figure it out, uploading pictures, editing, edititing and re-editing my profile about a hundred times.  Finally I was finished. I was going to write everyday.  I swore I would. One year later, I've updated it about...oh, five times. 

The great thing about life (and a diet)--you can always start fresh tomorrow.

But enough about the past. Let's talk about the present and future. I've still got the other blog. It's cute. It's my fun family one. You should check it out. However, this blog is going to be special. What do I mean by special?  Well let me explain.

If you ask people about Erin Apelu they would probably say many, many different things. She talks all the time (a hundred miles a minute), has crazy unreal things always happening to her, is ALWAYS on the go, etc...  But I want to know the real Erin Apelu, and the best way to do that is with the Four E's.

#1 Entertainment. The words boring and Erin should never be used in the same sentence.  My husband loves to take me to parties just because I can entertain myself--and others. I've got a LONG LONG list of stories--many of the unbelievable (but all true) and I love to share them with others, and they're usually accompanied by crazy facial expressions and hand jestures. Now I'm excited to share them with you.

#2 Enlightenment.  I enjoy being enlightened like the next person, but over the years I've been surprised how much more there is to take in. Things I've known forever I've seen in a new light. For one, I've discovered that I love to read. Oh, how much the mind can absorb from a small (or large) book, a song, conversation, even a lecture (who knew). I have a passionate desire to share with you  the things that enlighten my mind and soul.

#3 Education.  You're never to old to learn. Heck, I've learned so much just from having teenagers (mostly that I really, really, really need to read more so I'm not the one left looking stupid). I'm excited to share with you the new things I've learned.

#4 Encouragement.  Where would we be without encouragement? Flat down in the dust, that's where we'd be. Everyone and everything needs encourgment--even my small tomato plants that are fighting for a chance to grow so my family can devour them. I hope to bring encouragement to your life.

Last, I want to say thanks to all of you who chose to follow me on this new adventure. I look forward to hearing your comments.  I promise, you won't be sorry. And I promise to write at least six times this year *wink wink* .  Check back a few times a week, or you'll have a lot of reading to catch up on.

Erin Apelu